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Public Involvement

  • The BAK 2 Basics, LLC staff attended the annual American Nurses Association Rhode Island (ANA-RI) meeting on February 1, 2019 which included a comprehensive medical marijuana conference titled “Empowering the Nurse's Role in the Medicinal Cannabis Movement”.  The conference was presented by Carey Clark PhD, RN, who is the President of American Cannabis Nurses Association. 
  • The BAK 2 Basics, LLC and B&B Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center staff were instrumental in writing a petition to the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations Rhode Island Department of Health to add Opioid Dependency as a debilitating medical condition to qualify appropriate use of medical marijuana. The public hearing was heard on February 6, 2019 at the Rhode Island Department of Health Auditorium. BAK 2 Basics staff was present at the public hearing and advocated supportive testimony to this petition.
  • The BAK 2 Basics, LLC staff on March 5, 2019 had a Cannabidiol presentation to Rhode Island Hospice teams which included nurse managers, nurses, social workers, pharmacist and clergy.  The information given and discussed were centered on the benefits/proper use of CBD medications and how it can be another additional treatment for the hospice patient and their symptoms.