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Calculating Hemp Flower Dose

Authored by Bak Basics
May 12, 2022

Calculating CBD dosage is not about making sure you do not have psychoactive effects because THC, the psychoactive compound of marijuana, must be 0.3% or less for CBD to be legal. With a hemp product with less than 0.3% THC amount, there is no psychoactive effect. Calculating dosage accurately is more about receiving the desired medical effect. The full spectrum CBD hemp flower allows all the compounds in the product to work together to achieve, what is commonly known as the Entourage Effect or as some call the Synergistic Effect of CBD and THC to result in the better benefit of CBD.

Calculating CBD oil or a CBD capsule dose is simple compared to the use of hemp flower. The dose calculation of a oil is simple with the CBD products that are sold at BAK 2 Basics since clear concise instructions come with all the available quality CBD oil products. An individual instruction sheet is written for each CBD oil product at BAK 2 Basics to achieve the correct dose for the medical improvement of pain, anxiety, sleep or just for general wellness. CBD capsules are easier to understand since the capsules that are available are the dose of 10mg, 30mg and 50mg of each capsule. 

Calculating CBD hemp flower dosing is more complicated.

First, it is important to know the percentage of CBD in the hemp flower. 

5% to 10% - low potency of hemp flower
10% to 15% - medium potency of hemp flower
15% to 25% - high potency of  hemp flower

Below is a formula to have a clearer picture of dosage amounts with hemp flower.

1 gram of flower = 2 serving sizes

If the CBD flower has 10% potency, then 1 gram = 1000mg x 10% potency = 100mg therefore 1 serving size (1/2 gram) = 50mgs per serving

If the CBD flower has 30% potency, then 1 gram =  3000mg x 30% potency = 300mg therefore 1 serving size (1/2 gram) = 150mgs per serving

The effect for smoking/vaping flower works immediately and lasts about 2 hours.  Smoking/vaping ranks higher than other methods of consuming CBD such as ointments, edibles, or capsules when it comes to effectiveness. Hemp flower used as smoking/vaping is much quicker option than even a CBD oil used sublingually which can take 5-10 minutes for an effect and an even faster effect than edibles and capsules which take 20-30 minutes to experience relief. The key benefit to the use of flower as smoking or vaping is it will provide a quicker but shorter therapeutic effect of CBD as the cannabinoids are carried directly into the lungs by the smoke where absorption occurs into the bloodstream.

Smoking/vaping CBD hemp flower has a higher bioavailability rating than the conventional CBD oil. Consumption of CBD orally as edibles or capsules has an even lower bioavailability since it goes through the digestive system first before its absorption. As this happens, some of the cannabinoids are destroyed which leaves less available for absorption.

In contrast, smoking/vaping CBD hemp flower oil will introduce the CBD compounds directly into the lungs and the bloodstream. Since no digestion is required, more cannabinoids will enter the bloodstream. This higher bioavailability allows the benefits of CBD with lower doses.

Learn more about CBD hemp flower by listening to CBD Health Podcast Episode #35 when Dr Thomas Rocco discusses cannabis hemp flower with the David Miller and Erich Maelzer, co-Founders of FlowGardens. FlowGardens is an indoor cannabis cultivation facility in East Tennessee. Check out the superior flower strains that FlowGardens grows that provide rich terpenes and cannabinoids for an unmatched entourage effect.

Testimony about FlowGardens hemp flower from Caitlin H. Rhode Island - "...we just used the sativa CBD... then went on a hardcore 5 mile bike ride... this sample you gave me made me feel great and so energetic!"


Contact BAK 2 Basics CBD Medical Consultants for any medical CBD questions. The proper use of medical CBD therapy is based on our clinical experience, patient interactions and research studies. We focus on each patient's individual needs as it relates to the indication, proper dosing, intake and interaction/side effects with pharmaceutical medications.

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