CBD Sleep Gummies with CBN + Melatonin



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Broad Spectrum 

THC Free- Non GMO- Vegan- Gluten Free


Get a good night’s sleep with CBD Living Vegan PM Gummies, now featuring the sleep-promoting power of CBN! CBD Living Vegan PM Gummies have been redesigned to offer 600 mg CBD as well as 150 mg CBN and 150 mg Melatonin for an all-natural sleep solution. Better yet, PM Gummies are entirely Vegan – using tapioca syrup and pectin instead of gelatin.



  • Strength:  Each gummy is 20 mg CBD, 5 mg CBN and 5 mg Melatonin . There are 30 gummies in the bottle.

  • Usage:  See packaging for details.

  • Flavor: Assorted: Cherry, Strawberry, Orange and Lemon.

  • Has been known to help with:  Anxiety, Pain, Sleep etc. 

  • Results will vary.

** This product may look appealing to children. Please store in a safe place. Not intended for children**

Ingredients: Broad spectrum nano hemp extract, CBD, CBN, Melatonin, Organic cane sugar, Tapioca Syrup, Pectin, Citric acid, Natural colors and organic flavoring.


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